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Collaborating together to execute your technology inspiration

Helping our end-clients build and successfully deploy to production new and secure CMS, HIPAA ecosystems and operations services since 2012.

Our Execution Team has deep expertise configuring and releasing cloud tech at some of the world's largest health plans, research organizations and insurers.

We help organizations solve challenges on a project consulting basis. We partner with your team to build new advanced analytics. By producing new outcomes for identifying and capturing the most value and meaningful insights from data, we create new competitive advantages to accelerate improved health outcomes.

See our examples,
AI models on how OMS Consulting Group Inc. is helping private and public biotech, life sciences, and medical health leaders optimize health treatments for millions of people globally.  

Common Questions

How much for new agile tech project execution?

$5,900 for solving your challenges in 80 hours, 2-weeks.

Is product support included?

Product support are included in each project tier. 

Do you have retainer fees?

Retainer fees are included in each project tier. Any additional time is billed by the hour.

What types of payments do you accept?

Any major credit card, ACH or wire transfer for our project tiers.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch today to start your agile technology project transformation journey with OMS Consulting Group.  

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