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What makes Product Development Strategy & Operations at OMS Consulting Group different?

A product development and digital engineering expert focused on your organization's patients health and safety. I help my clients leverage advanced strategies and technologies to innovate. My proven record of success directing digital engineering programs means that you'll never have to search for answers alone. At OMS Consulting Group, our product development approach leads to more answers and more happy endings for organizations and patients.

Global Health Clinic - Digital Portfolio

The product vision and strategy
The product vision and strategy
The product vision and strategy

Our product vision is to be globally recognized as providing effective treatment plans by listening to our patients, learning their goals and working with them to accurately diagnose and treat their condition so they can get back to living their life as quickly as possible.

Our product strategy will be to utilize our team of world-class experts to design treatment plan for serious or complex health challenges patients face.

The right product scope and features to-do?

Healthcare Services Provided Top 10
Healthcare Services Provided Top 10

Effective engineering depends on getting the right voice-of-the-customer as soon as possible by evaluating historical data. The top 10 services in-scope and features to-do are:

  1. Patient-centered care web portal

  2. Request appointment

  3. Find a doctor

  4. Locations

  5. Clinical Trials

  6. Connect to support groups

  7. Insurance & billing

  8. Health library

  9. For medical professionals

  10. Research & education

Product Scope, Features and Priorites
Product Scope, Features and Priorites

How do we plan and measure success?

You won't wait weeks or even days for a comprehensive plan demonstrating answers to engineering products and services that significantly increases operational efficiency. If you have a product vision and strategy consultation on Monday, I will have your comprehensive plan for you on Tuesday. We consult and really understand your goals. Thorough, comprehensive and collaborative consultations are built into your digital innovation program on-boarding.

2024 Health Clinic Product Gantt Chart
2024 Health Clinic Product Gantt Chart

To get started on your agile program and digital transformation journey today, contact us here:


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