OMSworksAI | Transforming Gene Therapy for Leukemia Patients

Our unsupervised machine learning ai for gene expressions in bone marrow mononuclear cells from an acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patient. We completed and share our K-means clustering algorithms for molecular and gene expression in bone marrow cells to transform care for ALM patients. OMS Consulting Group segmented ALM data in bio-pharma patients to accelerate molecular and gene expression insights, using our unsupervised learning ai, we're moving healthcare forward for millions of ALM patients.

Below, OMS Consulting Group summarized our k-clustering algorithms and unsupervised machine learning ai:

1. 2 healthy donors used as controls

2. 500+ bone marrow mononuclear cells and 500+ genes, with the highest dispersion

Bonus: We code with love in Cambridge, MA.