OMSworks | Supervised Algorithms for Physicians Outcomes

Imagine, what if you could identify inpatient & outpatient procedures outcomes sooner? For one physician's services organization, OMS Consulting Group, OMSworks, artificial intelligence (ai) solution will reinvent how inpatient & outpatient procedures outcomes is measured.

OMS Consulting Group /OMSworks | AI Project Solution

OMS Consulting Group found that one Healthcare Physician's Services Organization could save more than $3 million in inpatient & outpatient procedures, just for three procedures.

Below, OMS Consulting Group summarized three major takeaways from this healthcare systems platforms tech project assessment:

One: 18% of claims are never collected on.

Two: Measuring your inpatient & outpatient procedures outcomes, helps build trust and transparency with providers and patients.

Three: Our OMSworks, ai solution illustrated and measured cost savings in excess of $3M for just these three procedures: hip & knee replacement, hip & joint replacement, and open heart procedure.

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