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Applied Machine Learning for Predicting Future Single Family Prices in Brooklyn, NY

Olu Daramola supervised learning algorithms
Supervised learning algorithms for Brooklynn, NY single family real estate

The residential real estate market in the United States is expected to reach an annual value of $94 trillion dollars by 2024, in March 2024, the average 11201 zip-code Brooklyn single family value at $3,115,249 down 2.70% over the past year. Single family real estate in Brooklyn, NY are decreasing.

Imagine you're investing in single family real estate in Brooklyn, NY. Should you invest now or in 6 months? One way to save is by buying later and my applied supervised learning algorithms suggests that investing in 6 months could reduce the price you spend on a single family home by at least $48,082 instead of investing now.



Business questions answered

My applied supervised learning algorithms

Computed findings
My supervised learning algorithms


As you can see above and my mathematical models computed cost savings of $48,082 could be realized for just one buyer buying in a single family home in 6 months as opposed to now.

Discover presentation on YouTube below:

My goal is to help buyers and sellers in the real estate market in Brooklyn, NY understand the economic value and prices (current and future) of owning a single family home using my mathematical models and supervised machine learning algorithms.

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