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Helping global organizations strategically plan and execute digital (web and mobile) engineering transformation programs since 2012.

We are building a vibrant community of interdisciplinary scientists who solve clinically relevant problems by developing, evaluating, and disseminating novel AI methods and applications that promote optimized health outcomes in medicine and around the world.

OMS Consulting Group was established in 2012 with the primary mission to solve clinically important problems in medicine using data science. Drawing on our founders industry experiences and interdisciplinary expertise in clinical medical imaging, bioinformatics, statistics, software engineering, and computer science, the Institute for Machine Learning in Healthcare & Medicine produces outstanding interdisciplinary artificial intelligence research that optimizes how clinical data are used to promote health.

OMS Consulting Group was created in order to solve the constant challenges and frustrations with the complexity of traditional software development for healthcare – slow, siloed, costly, and consistently failing to deliver intended business results.

We deeply believed we had to fundamentally reshape the way software development was thought of, executed, and delivered. Which led us to helping teams rapidly build modern, scalable, and secure healthcare products and services with our science-based, machine-learning data-driven digital care model.

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