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What we do​

OMS Consulting Group was created in order to solve the constant challenges and frustrations with the complexity of traditional software development for healthcare – slow, siloed, costly, and consistently failing to deliver intended business results.

We deeply believed we had to fundamentally reshape the way software development was thought of, executed, and delivered. Which led us to helping teams rapidly build modern, scalable, and secure healthcare products and services with our science-based, machine-learning data-driven digital care model.

Executive Team

Olu Daramola, MBA
Technical Founder

Olu Daramola is founder and CTO of OMS Consulting Group. He focuses on creating and executing strategies that enable advanced technology solutions for healthcare transformation. Since 2012 he's engaged with payers, providers, and health plans partners in developing tools and platforms for improving health outcomes and reducing costs of care.


During his career, Olu has provided strategic and tactical advice to more than 50 health plans, providers, payors, biotechnology research, and medical health insurance brands worldwide. Olu graduated Magna Cum Laude with his B.S in Business Marketing and Advertising from William Woods University and Magna Cum Laude in Finance, Masters Business Administration from Dominican University in 2012.

Olu Daramola

As Director of Product Software Engineering, I am accountable for leading the SwiftTerm Software Engineering pods (Platform, Data) at Symetra, and partnered with Product teams to build new voice of the customer products in financial services and term-life insurance using new and exciting serverless Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform based cloud application platform. More than 20% of Americans don't have life insurance - a problem I've helped reduce by successfully creating and scaling the foundation of real-time platform engine and data-driven decision making resulting in selling more than $1 billion in face-value policies to-date.

Till June 2021, I was Director of Product for Brain Commons, accountable for driving the application of data science, software development and bi-weekly production release of Brain Commons - AWS powered translational research data platform for the brain health community at Cohen Veterans Biosciences and affiliated with Michael J. Fox Foundation. My teams utilized computational methods, Jira and AWS to build an infrastructure from the ground-up and understand the mechanisms of gene regulation that determines treatment effectiveness for subjects diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and Dementia. I was the glue for the organization and presented my computational findings for the integrated analysis of publicly available and large genome-wide datasets.